Why is it that when people drink straight alcohol, they spread their lips out and?

Answer I drink straight alcohol and so do my friends....I have never seen them do this....and I don't drink it to look cool I drink it cuz I like it. But yes I agree, people who do this probably can't sta... Read More »

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Why do people get mean and nasty when they drink alcohol?

Well ........ as already well documented ... not all are mean and nasty ....but, those are the ones to avoid .... the happy drunks are sometimes a bitobnoxious but harmless .... and there's sad dru... Read More »

Why do people smack their lips after tasting a drink?

When I tip my cup and drink and my lips are super wet and coated with whatever drink I delved into, then I smack my lips a little and use my teeth to scrape off what is remaining.

Are people aged 13 allowed to drink alcohol in their own home...?

It is in fact legal to have drink in the home @ your age.

What did the ancient people do when they got chapped lips?

It depends upon which civilization but most often they would administer to it with pine gum or other herbs obtained locally. Generally they would make their own by pounding flowers or plant parts ... Read More »