Why is it that we go to wikipedia knowing that its?

Answer most of the time I go to wikipedia is not to look up 'facts', it's to put them right - it's well known that wikipedia is a leftist organisation with biases towards 'evidence-based research' and a s... Read More »

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If it says that all humans alive had ancestors that were dark skin on wikipedia, is that true?

The fosil record looks like humans evolved and migrated from africa, so dark skin makes sense. . .

Anyone know where i can find that fake wikipedia site that talks about celebrities that are total *****?

Absolutely. What you're talking about is, I assume, the UNcyclopedia. Heck of a lot of fun. Here's the link:…

A rotund admin says that the Wikipedia Reward Board "very explicitly" states that all donations go to WMF?

That Raul should get so many things egregiously wrong in a single posting (by no means merely the thing you mentioned) is hardly surprising. Raul is simply one among the many tin-hatted dictators ... Read More »

What's that website that makes fun of wikipedia?

www.encyclopediadramatica.comterrible stuff