Why is it that toilet paper doesn't come with instructions?

Answer As soon as someone in America injures themselves with it and files a lawsuit, not only will they have instructions, they'll have a warning as well. It's going to happen!

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Instructions for a Toilet Paper Holder?

Toilet paper holders are essential for any bathroom. Home improvement centers and hardware stores carry a wide variety of toilet paper holders. A popular type of toilet paper holder is the three pi... Read More »

Can the type of toilet paper used cause toilet-flushing problems?

Maybe, but generally it's the amount of TP one uses that causes the problems. That, and the new low-flush water saver toilets. Thinner would likely be better than softer, because some of the so... Read More »

How to Fix an Overflowed Toilet Stuffed by Toilet Paper?

Toilets rely on gravity and pressure to help clear waste through the lines. The typical opening of a toilet's waste pipe can be between 3” and 4” in size; enough to handle most waste, but easil... Read More »

Can you throw toilet paper in a composting toilet?

Yes, you can throw toilet paper into a composting toilet. Composting toilets work similarly to compost bins, using aerobic bacteria and fungus to break down waste materials. Composting toilets can ... Read More »