Why is it that, the colder the X-ray table?

Answer For the same reason that when you have to "cough" the person touching you has wrinkly prune hands...

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Is a full beer cooler colder than one that is not?

A full beer cooler will keep its drinks colder than one that's half- or three-quarters full. The bottles and cans that are packed together help maintain the temperature inside and also keep each ot... Read More »

What size table cloth for a table that seats 6-8 people?

Probably an 84 square inch tablecloth. It depends on the shape and size of your table.

On Seinfeld Kramer wrote a coffee table book that could be turned into a coffee table What was it about?

What would cause a 'roaring' noise under the hood of a Mercury Mystique that sounds like a vacuum cleaner when the weather gets colder?

AnswerThat is what is referred to as mooseing. There is a fix for it.What is the fix?On my car, it was the 'idle air control motor' mounted between the air cleaner and the fuel injection system. Th... Read More »