Why is it that, the colder the X-ray table?

Answer For the same reason that when you have to "cough" the person touching you has wrinkly prune hands...

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Why is it colder at the coast?

Yes, unfortunately after Tupac and Eazy-e died. Hopefully it can come back but it hasn't. There really isn't a lot of active well known west coast rappers now except for The Game(I think he actuall... Read More »

Which coast of the US has colder currents?

The west coast of North America. Most of the east coast is warmed by the Gulf Stream.

Why is my right hand always colder than my left?

This has been bugging me for the last 2 days. My apt. is pretty cold and my right hand has been freezing when I am at home. I wonder if it's because I am right handed or could it have something to ... Read More »

What's colder - a milkshake or a slushie?

a slushie is colder because it is basically flavored ice.