Why is it that photography can be called either an invention or a discovery?

Answer Because they discovered that certain chemicals mixed with each other placed on certain media can create a copy of what's in front of that certain media, but they had to invent a whole series of mac... Read More »

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How was the camera used before the invention of photography?

Actually, the camera obscura WAS used by artists to assist in painting before the advent of photography. The artists would sit in a darkened room with a pinhole in one side. The image (rendered ups... Read More »

The Invention of photography was the merging of what two things?

How did the invention of photography affect painting?

Photography and cameras have had a profound affect on seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeegffhjuhkjk, starting at least as early as the 15th Century. As a tool, a very ancient device called the Camera Obscura (Latin ... Read More »

What 18th century movement was influenced by the invention of photography?

The camera was invented in the early 19th century (about 1820) and cannot much have influenced 18th century painting.