Why is it that photography can be called either an invention or a discovery?

Answer Because they discovered that certain chemicals mixed with each other placed on certain media can create a copy of what's in front of that certain media, but they had to invent a whole series of mac... Read More »

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You remember a childrens special that Fred gwynne did in either the late 1960's or early 70's that was on around Halloween called how what or witch can you get a copy of this program on vhs or DVD?

Fred Gwynne played Herman Munster- based on the Frankenstein Monster, in The Munsters, perhaps this was a special show. Munsters were one of a number of (occult) comedies on the silly side, like Ad... Read More »

What is this foldable wonder bed called as Pls tell me either name or brands that sell these type of cots?

Fold down beds are called "Murphy Beds", I've found a couple of links of desk murphy beds for you…but to buy them ... Read More »

How was that Discovery Channel burglary show called Not It Takes A Thief The show where two teams had to compete against each other in in order to win?

How did the invention of photography affect painting?

Photography and cameras have had a profound affect on seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeegffhjuhkjk, starting at least as early as the 15th Century. As a tool, a very ancient device called the Camera Obscura (Latin ... Read More »