Why is it that people have lost all their grammar skills?

Answer I do not think they ever had them. As an employer, on receiving applications for a position, the first thing I did was to read them and check for grammar and spelling. I worked in the public sec... Read More »

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Is there anyone ready to give short financial help to people who have lost their breadwinner in accidents?

The Salvation Army is a good place to start. It is a violation of Y!A policy to solicit donations here, though.

Any Help for People That Have Exhausted Their Unemployment in Tennessee?

In 2010, Congress extended the Emergency Unemployment Compensation Act of 2008, a joint federal-state program. The 2008 act provides unemployment benefits to claimants who exhaust their state's ben... Read More »

I have heard that some people put reg bleach in their swimming pool.?

Hi again ;-)Your friend is right, household bleach works perfectly fine in a swimming pool. Many of the answers you've received are from people that don't understand what's happening in a pool. All... Read More »

Why do children that go to pre-school develop better skills than those that stay at home with their mothers?

most kids that are in preschool are not at the level they should be at for there age group and it is to get these kids ready for kindegarden. In the process they may end up learning fast and gettin... Read More »