Why is it that people have lost all their grammar skills?

Answer I do not think they ever had them. As an employer, on receiving applications for a position, the first thing I did was to read them and check for grammar and spelling. I worked in the public sec... Read More »

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Classroom Games for Teaching Grammar Skills?

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Help With Math Skills for Grammar & High School Kids?

You can find help with math skills for grammar and high school kids in several forms, forums and media. Tutoring, resource centers, homeschooling and interactive media are well-rounded forms of le... Read More »

Why are people on the internet so f*cking stupid, and unable to use proper grammar?

I'd like to ask you something. Why did you call yourself [swear word] stupid, mentally deranged and retarded? You made four mistakes in your three sentences!1) You put a comma before "and" in the a... Read More »

Difference Between Regular Grammar and Context-Free Grammar?

Grammar means something very different to linguists and computer programmers than it does to most people. While most of us think of grammar as a set of etiquette rules for socially acceptable langu... Read More »