Why is it that people choose to be a vegetarian?

Answer Hey now you have 44 answers. Groovy! Folks choose to be vegetarian so they can be healthy and live longer. Also people choose to be vegetarian so they have better eye sight. When a person has bette... Read More »

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Why do people think that kosher means vegetarian?

To be Kosher, you can't mix meat and dairy, so people assume that since it's kosher, and it's dairy, there must not be any meat in there either.A lot of people just don't realize that according to ... Read More »

Why do people think that being vegetarian is wrong!?

I'm a meat-eater but I don't jump right in with a "you're missing out" comment without some form of "why do you eat meat if you love animals" comment first. Both sides of this have these comments m... Read More »

Why do people get offended when you tell them that you are a vegan or vegetarian?

meat eaters turn there noses up at us, simply because they lack the capacity to comprehend someone being different from themselves. We all like to fit in to society, and are socialized from an ear... Read More »

Why is it that people call themselves vegetarian when they eat fish?

because their stupid and don't actually know what a vegetarian is.....and lady you posted because its fish not meat fish is meat if it has flesh then ummm lets see its probably ******* meat...