Why is it that people choose to be a vegetarian?

Answer Hey now you have 44 answers. Groovy! Folks choose to be vegetarian so they can be healthy and live longer. Also people choose to be vegetarian so they have better eye sight. When a person has bette... Read More »

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Why would someone choose to become a vegetarian Do they ever miss eating meat?

Why would someone choose to put rotting animal flesh into their mouths?

What do non vegetarian think of vegetarian people?

I eat meat and my son is vegetarian. I look at him as healthy. I don't really love eating meat and can do without it but I do crave a hamburger and ribs once in a while. I'm aware I can get protein... Read More »

If you choose to be vegetarian because animals are living things than how can you eat plants, aren't they?

you have raised a valid point.... but i believe that MOST educated vegetarians are more focus on the economic/environment issues around not eating meat... you can raise 10 tons of corn in the same ... Read More »

How do you become a vegetarian with out people getting upset?

You don't. Eating meat (just like your vegetables) is good for you. In moderation we need meat because of the protein, there are other roots to protein but eating meat is just a fact of life, that ... Read More »