Why is it that my web page constantly freezes,?

Answer There are several possible issues.Most likely: When you browse the web all the content is downloaded to your hard drive. These files should be deleted periodically. as they build up it will slow ... Read More »

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My mouse constantly freezes,even though I have taken it apart and cleaned it.Any ideas why?

try disconnecting you usb plug a few times. this sometimes gets a bit of condensation.

What happens if I constantly change a Wikipedia page?

If you were to constantly change a Wikipedia page in an unhelpful way (helpful edits are always welcome :) ), you would first be warned about your activity, and then, should you then continue, temp... Read More »

How to Fix a PS3 That Freezes?

The Sony PlayStation 3 suffers from software bugs like any other device. These bugs can cause the PS3 to freeze during game play, which takes away from the overall experience of using the PS3 hardw... Read More »

How to Fix a Screen That Freezes?

A freezing computer screen is one of the most frustrating problems a PC user can experience. A frozen screen always seems to occur at the worst possible moment and, when it does, it can destroy hou... Read More »