Why is it that my body becomes weak when I am over-rested?

Answer Same reason that laying in bed for prolonged periods makes you ache. Not enough use. We are meant to stand up and move around. This makes your heart speed up a bit and pump blood. When you sleep fo... Read More »

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Do I have a weak Max squat for my body weight?

It's not weak, actually a pretty good weight. Work up to repping that 4-8 times

Lefts side of body numb and weak ?

Do i have real masculine body that makes women go weak in knees?

No. That's natural. It has nothing to do with your "Manlyness". If you wanna impress the ladies, get ripped, then shave your chest and back.

How to Make a Treatment to Strengthen Weak Hair and Weak Roots?

This gentle hair mask treatment helps to strengthen weak hair and weak roots. This treament works at the hair follicles to help your hair grow stronger. I suggest using this treatment once every 2-... Read More »