Why is it that my body becomes weak when I am over-rested?

Answer Same reason that laying in bed for prolonged periods makes you ache. Not enough use. We are meant to stand up and move around. This makes your heart speed up a bit and pump blood. When you sleep fo... Read More »

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Do i have real masculine body that makes women go weak in knees?

No. That's natural. It has nothing to do with your "Manlyness". If you wanna impress the ladies, get ripped, then shave your chest and back.

Can the mother of a 16-year-old who has a baby tell her that she cannot keep her child when she becomes 18?

Legal Issues Not in the legal sense. In the US a minor who is pregnant or has a child has all the same rights to her child as does an adult. The minor cannot be forced to have an abortion, place t... Read More »

When you were a kid did you have a movie that you watched over and over again?

SeveralPeggy Sue got married; Dirty Dancing; The Dark Crystal were some of them

Til when will Asianfanfics be like that, crashing over and over again?

It's pretty frustrating. :/I guess the only time when it'll be completely 'calm' is probably a few months from now, since Jason (the creater of AFF) updated quite a few things, so I guess some of i... Read More »