Why is it that guys are much less interested in becoming Vegetarian/Vegans?

Answer Probably because of pressure from other boys who view meat as a tough manly hunter thing. Popular culture has encouraged that myth. Example…Many associ... Read More »

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Is it true that eating less than 1,200 calorees a day protects me from becoming pregnant?

Yes, this is complete absolute truth. Also, make sure you don't hold hands, because holding hands makes you absorb around 500 calories. That is why people who hold hands too much become preggers.

Do you think that guys are less likely to marry or introduce to his parents a girl that has a large tattoo?

It's the 21st century. He'll be familiar with the concept of people having tattoos since it's been around since BC and has recently become part of the mainstream. If he hates tattoos, that's fine, ... Read More »

Extremely interested in becoming a surrogate mother?

Did you watch that BBC programme called 'im having their baby', it might still be on iplayer if you didnt. It was quite good.Anyway these website should help youu..... Read More »

If you are interested in becoming a foster mother why are you choosing foster care instead of adoption?

Until they reach the age of majority. In other words, unfortunately, a child may never be adopted and will remain in state's custody until he or she reaches adulthood. This answer of course relate... Read More »