Why is it that fat people never can say NO to junk food?

Answer Same reason your mom cant say no to $20 for a BJ.

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Why did people eat junk food for lunch in the olden days?

What do you mean JUNK FOOD! I'm 66 and I still think it's acceptable. What do you have Caviar and Champagne? Good for you.

I hate that I live in a house with family that brings in JUNK FOOD!! What do I do?

dont eat it. theres gonna be junk food eerywhereu go all ur life. If u wanna lose weight that bad then just dont eat it. although its bad for your parents, you cannot make them stop eating wat they... Read More »

How do people manage to keep themselves away from junk food?

its just a hard commitment to themselves when people say that they want no more junk food in their systems i finally lost my interest in junk food now and i feel great that im not eating such non-n... Read More »

What food that you enjoy so much that you never get tired of?

hmm...there are a few:TomatoesChickenPotatoesBreadCollards=]