Why is it that computers never have a "B" drive?

Answer Once upon a time, long long ago, on an operating system far far away (try early 70's and MS-DOS) computers did not have hard drives. They had two floppy drives. One for running the program, the oth... Read More »

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Why is it that computers never have a “B” drive?

hey nikky....i could take the pains of typing the answer or better.. i could just give u the link that'd explain it the best...i'll chose the lazy way out :-)here goes... Read More »

What is on my computers Q drive?

Q disc is where the recovery programs/files are stored. If you ever have to do a system recovery that's where the files and programs are stored

Where is the hard drive located in computers?

According to Microsoft, the hard drive is typically located in the system unit, which is the rectangular box that contains the central processing unit and other operating parts of a computer. Exter... Read More »

My computers won't recognize my flash drive?

go to this web site a…