Why is it that computers never have a "B" drive?

Answer Once upon a time, long long ago, on an operating system far far away (try early 70's and MS-DOS) computers did not have hard drives. They had two floppy drives. One for running the program, the oth... Read More »

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Why is it that computers never have a “B” drive?

hey nikky....i could take the pains of typing the answer or better.. i could just give u the link that'd explain it the best...i'll chose the lazy way out :-)here goes... Read More »

I have a 1gb flsh drive and ther is nothing on it and it says that i have used 3/4 of my flash drive, help!?

It might be a hidden file. Format it and try again it has happened to my cousin i'll ask him what he did to fix it. My Computer > Right Click on it > Format > Check 'Quick Format' > Start and it sh... Read More »

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Answer First realize that the insurance regulations are different from state to state and from company to company. We live in Texas outside of Houston and have two teenagers in the home and we ha... Read More »

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