Why is it so many kids on here can't spell?

Answer and don't forget we have ppl here from all over the world!!

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How many parents on here can hand on heart say their kids are not overweight!?

As an "overweight" Mom of 2, I can honestly say that my children are not overweight, in fact I wish they weighed a little more than they do. My four year old is 39 pounds, doctors say he is right w... Read More »

If people on here can't spell "Canon"...?

That is not all they cannot spell. I guess the little Check Spelling option is too hard to read too.Perhaps it is the mistaken belief that the name Canon came from the military weapon, the cannon.... Read More »

Halp me i anside a preschool i cant get out. I DIE HERE!!! plz help i am serviving offf uf Juicyjoose and ani?

what the freak is your problem? are you seriously trapped in a preschool or are you trying to be a class clown a**. honestly, grow up.

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