Why is it so hard for the father to get physical custody?

Answer In this day and age a father is just as capable of getting full custody of his kids. It should be noted that most fathers choose to settle for something like true joint custody with the mother bein... Read More »

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If you have joint legal custody and the father has primary physical but delegates all care to his parents and is not involved with the children how hard would it be for the mother to get custody?

AnswerThe laws vary from state to state, can you narrow it down just a bit? AnswerThe first issue a judge would address is why the father was awarded primary physical custody in the first place? S... Read More »

If the mother has sole physical custody and shares joint legal custody with the father the two never married if the mother dies can her husband who is not the baby's biological father assume custody?

Biological Father Gets Custody No, unless the baby's biological father relenquishes his parental rights, he would get custody of the child if the mother dies, not her husband. The biological father... Read More »

If you haven't established custody and the father has moved out of state and is now asking for joint legal and physical custody can he win?

Answer It will be very dificult for the father to have joint legal and physical custody on the gounds that he is not avalible. The courts want the two parents to live in the same area to co-parent.... Read More »

How to Enforce Custody Papers When a Father Has Physical Custody?

Physical custody determines who the child lives with, and if a mother has legal custody, the father cannot keep the child away from the mother or in another home without her permission. The court c... Read More »