Why is it so difficult to use my tv with converter box now?

Answer It's more important to have good antenna for digital than it was for analog. When analog signals were poor, you would see snow/fuzz/noise in varying amounts. When digital signals are poor, the pict... Read More »

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Anyone know the codes for a TV APEX using the RCA converter box I lost the sheet with the converter codes.?

I have a universal remote control that came with a list of codes for various TV brands and for Apex it gives the following codes. 0214,0215,0216 and 0401 good luck.

What is the remote code for a magnavox converter box TB100MW9 converter box with a direct tv remote?

There is no known code for this, what you have to do is if you have one of the white topped remotes is the following. Turn Converter on Move selector to AV1 or AV2 Press and Hold Mute and Select... Read More »

Briggs starter cord ez to pull with spark plug out, difficult with it in - why?

EDIT: If you are getting oil out the breather element, I suspect that your rings are bad and you are getting a lot of blow-by into the crankcase, which in turn is over-pressurizing, which in turn i... Read More »

How to Deal With a Difficult Spouse?

Dealing with a person who continuously keeps complaining and is very critical about everything you do can be very difficult and can lead to a lot of mental stress. Follow the steps mentioned to dea... Read More »