Why is it painful when we're in labor?

Answer you know labour is quite painful. im going to tell you guys a story about wat ive seen with labour. you know im only 15 and NOT pregnant. but if ur pregnant don't be afriad it will all be ok. its g... Read More »

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Are you in labor if your baby is due in 2 days and you were up all night with painful contractions lasting 45-60 seconds every 5 minutes but today they have stopped?

I had the same thing happen and when I went to the dr. she told me that I was in "early labor". She also informed me that early labor can last hours, days, or even a week or two. Rest assured activ... Read More »

When were the child labor laws written?

Established in Massachusetts in 1836, the first child labor law required factory workers under the age of 15 to go to school for three months a year. In 1938, the federal government passed the Fair... Read More »

When were child labor law groups created?

Child labor law groups first entered the picture in 1904. This was the year the National Child Labor Committee (NCLC) was formed, and went on to launch a Children's Bureau in the U.S. Department of... Read More »

When were child labor laws put into effect?

U.S. states and the federal government have passed a number of child labor laws since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, when many children were forced to work in factories. In 1836, Massa... Read More »