Why is it only 15% of the people on the internet are able to spell properly?

Answer Because 85% are all under the age of 15. The rest are all 45 looking for 15 year olds. Everybody hide, it's Dateline NBC!

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What could cause Internet Explorer to not properly log into certain web accounts?

Clear your cache and your cookies...that sometimes helps. Sometimes you might have to do a full reinstall really is beset by problems and I would if I were you talk to the techos at wor... Read More »

Why oh why does my Internet browser not refresh properly?

Why can't anyone on the internet spell or form a complete sentence?

It's disgusting, isn't it? I really do hate it. I spend twice as much time reading a text or a instant message now because I have to try and decipher what they're saying! It's so confusing!Would it... Read More »

How to Disable Spell Check in Internet Explorer 6?

To disable the spell check in Internet Explorer 6, you need to disable the Outlook Express spell check as this is the only Microsoft application using spell check when you are online. Outlook Expre... Read More »