Why is it on facebook they keep suggesting a list of people for you?

Answer Yeah, I know. I had to block the wife of the jerk who was boning my

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How do I remove people from my list of inspirational people on Facebook?

Hello Jaz T have to select the person ( a blue box appears around the picture) and then press delete on your keyboard. It took me 5 minutes to figure out this lol =)

Facebook is there a way to keep this man off of my best friends list forever?

Agreed, just have to block him. I did that with one of my old friends because they were being a pain.

How Can I Take People Off My Facebook Block List?

Facebook is a free social networking website that allows you to create profile page, add information such as the schools you've attended, jobs you've held and even your relationship status. In addi... Read More »

Someone told me to clear my cookies; are they suggesting that I make myself vomit?

Yes, they're just looking out for you and making sure you keep that slim figure.