Why is it okay for them to use the N-word?

Answer One rule for themAnd another one for us!!!!!!!!!

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List the television game sHow is with the word WORD in them?

Do my teeth NEED braces or will i be okay check them out and let me know?

u have a beautiful smile :Dedit: AND a lot of class dealing with idiots like hudson :)

Is it okay to pot a plant whose roots have some algae on them?

It is not okay to pot a plant with algae in the roots. Algae is a common problem for hydroponically grown plants, and it can suffocate the root system. Trim off any roots with algae before you pot ... Read More »

Okay I'm having twins, What will I need for them, and how much?

Just get the minimum for the first few months Chick as they grow out of them so fast. You can always buy extra after they are born if you need them. Next time I speak to my daughter in Athens I w... Read More »