Why is it not wise to try and lose weight during pregnancy?

Answer A woman who is obese can lose weight safely while she is pregnant, while under strict medical supervision. Doing this may decrease the chance of developing gestational diabetes. If she is already s... Read More »

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What if you lose too much weight during pregnancy?

Answer Depends on the starting weight. My wife is considered obese and has lost weight with all three of our children. They closely monitored the fetus to be sure it was still developing on targe... Read More »

How do you lose weight during pregnancy?

You don't. It is very unhealthy to try and lose weight during pregnancy unless you are seriously obese. Be very careful about either restricting calorie intake or vigorous exercise during pregnanc... Read More »

What may cause you to lose weight during pregnancy?

AnswerThe inability to keep down food or nourishment such as food or drinks during pregnancy can cause you to lose weight. Also a lot of diarrhea can cause one to lose weight.I would see your docto... Read More »

How much weight do you lose after pregnancy?

Women lose an average of 12 pounds right after having a baby. This assumes an average sized 8 pound baby, a 2 pound placenta, and 2 pounds of fluid. Another 4 pounds of fluid is lost within a week.... Read More »