Why is it not safe to have general anaesthetic in early pregnancy?

Answer No

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Is it unsafe to have general anaesthetic in early pregnancy?

The doctor who wishes to give you the general anesthesia will be the best judge of that, though a second opinion may be sought, of course.

I'm having like 4 teeth pulled whilst I'm under general anaesthetic..HELP!!!?

Honestly you have nothing to worry about. Almost everyone goes through this. I had all 4 of mine taken out at the same time. You will go to the office and sign some papers basically saying you wont... Read More »

Roughly how long will I be unconscious for if I'm having a light general anaesthetic?

It's best to ask the anaesthetist beforehand (they are very good at answering questions), but I should guess between half an hour and an hour, perhaps even less if you have been told it is a 'light... Read More »

Does a general anaesthetic affect the fetus if administered just before birth?

Answer The anesthetic affects the fetus as much as it affects the mother. If she is having it for a C-section, the lightest anesthetic possible is given prior to the birth of the baby and everyon... Read More »