Why is it more economical to buy a new computer than to upgrade?

Answer It's always cheaper to upgrade, buying all the individual parts for a computer always works out to be cheaper than buying a brand new one that's been pre-built by a company such as Dell or Acer.If ... Read More »

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Wouldn't it be more economical for me to buy a goat, rather than to mow my lawn every week?

Don't forget to get a small swarm of dung beetles also, then, because otherwise you'll have to clean after the goat!

Is it more economical to leave the central heating on low all night than having it coming on in the morning?

It is always cheaper and saves money to turn the heat down, a little or a lot, for a long time or a short time. Heat loss, and heat exchange, the physics, are such that the rate of heat loss is dir... Read More »

Are inkjet printers more economical than laser printers?

On One Hand: Inkjet printers are inexpensive to buyYou can purchase a basic inkjet printer for as little as $30. The big factor to consider is the cost of ink cartridge refills, which can cost more... Read More »

About much does it cost to upgrade and add more RAM to a computer?

1) it's easy, just take the outter cover of your computer off, you'll see this flat board that will most likely be standing on its side with a clamp at each end. there should be some empty slots ne... Read More »