Why is it more acceptable for guys to masterbate and its not for girls?

Answer Because too many people are scared sh*tless that their daughters will turn into nymphomaniacs and think at the same time that their sons should be left to themselves so they can do it any time they... Read More »

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Im girls masterbate as much as guys or what?

Yeah we doEDIT- There might be an average of who masturbates more, but I've been through stages when I masturbated like 10 or more times a day. It depends on the individual person. I've got 17 year... Read More »

Guys Vs. Girls (A Acceptable Agruement)?

if you dont want to shave down there, its your choice and dont let a guy tell you otherwise. i say that this is a very good argument/ statement and if a guy asks you to shave down there before he'... Read More »

Is it natural for girls to masterbate?

Very natural and nothing wrong with doing it. Some girls don't like it until they get older like a friend of mine. If you don't like it don't feel pressured to do.=)

Do alot of teen girls masterbate alot and often?

Yes honey...they do. If they say they don't they're probably lying in fear that someone will look at them weirdly. It's sad that we all do it but think we have to hide it from others. Whereas teen ... Read More »