Why is it men always break wind where ever they go?

Answer Damn...ever been to Germany - they're the 'out' guys! Allen - I'm 40 and still can't help busting my gut (no pun intended) when I hear the wee (or not so wee) sound!

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Why is it, when ever you place envelopes into printers, they always come out upside-down or on the wrong side?

Not if you put them in the right way to start with....

I always see static where ever i look?

Some people can see the aura's of other people. They train themselves to do this. Its just that somehow you picked up on it, concentrated on it and trained yourself into seeing it.

Tiniest ants EVER - what are they and where are they coming from?

rather than ants it may be springtails (light grey), they like moist areas outside and findtheir way inside

What was name of comedy show on bbc that was based on older couple where they were poor but the wife always trying to make it seem as though they were well off?

It's one of most subversive elements in UK society. I left the UK two years ago, and the BBC was one of the reasons I left. Biased, lying, ultra-left wing. A cancer. Orwellian. I'd simply had enough.