Why is it men always break wind where ever they go?

Answer Damn...ever been to Germany - they're the 'out' guys! Allen - I'm 40 and still can't help busting my gut (no pun intended) when I hear the wee (or not so wee) sound!

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Do people break wind at the chiropractor?

Actually chiropractors encourage flatulence, it helps fix "nerve interference"…

Does rubbing your pregnant wife's belly help her to break wind to get some relief from bloating?

Answer As the uterus is in front of the bowels once it is out of the pelvis you cannot actually massage the bowel to help but it may relax her to enable her to pass the wind.

If the wind speed is twenty mph&the temperature is five degrees fahrenheit what is the wind chill?

According to the National Weather Service, if the wind speed is 20 mph and the temperature is 5 degrees F, the wind chill would be -15 degrees F. Wind chill measures how the air temperature combine... Read More »

How many wind turbines are at the Klondike Wind Farm in wasco, oregon?

There are a total of 242 wind turbines at Klondike Wind Farm, Wasco, Oregon. The first phase, Klondike I, only had 16 turbines. The second phase expanded the farm with another 50 turbines, and curr... Read More »