Why is it legal to kill cows and pigs but not cats and dogs?

Answer because we eat cows and pigs and we dont eat cats and dogs.

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Why do some people eat cows and pigs and birds - and think it's immoral to eat cats and dogs?

Society has discourse conventions which dictate what is socially acceptable. Because cats and dogs are household animals, that have a higher status in society than a cow, for example, people do not... Read More »

People eat cows, lambs, chickens, fish etc so why don't they eat dogs & cats?

What - never been to places like Korea or to any Chinese restaurants in the UK......

How to Kill Fleas on Cats & Dogs With Home Remedies?

When warm weather approaches, so does the dreaded flea season. Fleas infest our dogs and cats, and sometimes even our homes and families. Many flea remedies are available in pet stores and from you... Read More »

How do pigs&cows get tapeworms?

Most people know humans can get tapeworms by eating undercooked beef or pork, but few people know cows and pigs get tapeworms from humans. Wherever water and sewage is not properly treated, human w... Read More »