Why is it it an official law to have auto insurance if you drive?

Answer Answer I have had Three wrecks in the last year that weren't my falt, (one in the rear, one ran a stop sign, and the other failed to yeid right of way) Although it's a law in Tennessee to have insu... Read More »

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A friend does not have insurance nor a driver's license if you drive his car and you have auto insurance and get into an accident are you covered?

I have auto liability insurance can I drive my fiance's car if my name is not on his insurance?

Each state is different but the usual answer would be yes.

I don't drive my financed car. Do i need auto insurance?

Undoubtedly your finance contract requires full-coverage insurance. They will want it insured because there are other causes of loss besides collision.

Can you drive legally without auto insurance?

Answer This is a state law. In Illinois and Texas I know for sure the answer is no. If you're caught, your license will be suspended. What state are you interested in?