Why is it it an official law to have auto insurance if you drive?

Answer Answer I have had Three wrecks in the last year that weren't my falt, (one in the rear, one ran a stop sign, and the other failed to yeid right of way) Although it's a law in Tennessee to have insu... Read More »

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A friend does not have insurance nor a driver's license if you drive his car and you have auto insurance and get into an accident are you covered?

I have auto liability insurance can I drive my fiance's car if my name is not on his insurance?

Each state is different but the usual answer would be yes.

What do you do if you have auto insurance and you hit a parked car whose driver does not have auto insurance?

Answer Your insurance will have to pay regardless if the other person has insurance or not. You were at fault.

If you have full coverage auto insurance will it cover the car if you let your girlfriend drive your car to work?

%DETAILS% Answer Anyone you give permission to drive your car,is covered under your insurance.