How to Tickle Yourself?

Answer Ever wanted to laugh, but no one was around? Ever felt like being tickled, but felt weird asking someone to do it for you? Well, then tickling yourself might be a way to satisfy your longings! Here... Read More »

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Did you know that there is only one place on your body you can tickle yourself?

ha ha , cant stop doing it now. getting some very strange looks as i,m doing it all the time, got some very strange looks in my local shop. u try asking 4 a box of liquorice allsorts while your ton... Read More »

Why are we tickle-ish?

hmm intresting haha ! i duno ! maybe sum ppls nerves r more sensitive than others in different places ! x

How to Tickle Feet?

Here's how to tickle someone's feet. Watch out though, the soles of the feet are very sensitive on most people, so some kicking action is likely to occur! Only do this in a friendly way and if the ... Read More »

How to Win a Tickle Fight?

If you're in a tickle fight, these techniques will help you win. An important thing to remember, though, is that just because someone is laughing doesn't always mean they're having fun; laughter in... Read More »