Why is it important to wear a seatbelt?

Answer You greatly reduce your chances of dying in an automobile collision by always wearing a seat belt. Almost every state requires that drivers and passengers wear seat belts at all times.BenefitsAccor... Read More »

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Why do you have to wear a seatbelt in a car, but on a motor cycle you don't have to wear a helmet in pa?

They type of person who goes the extra mile to get a motorcycle liscense and buys a motorcycle knows the risks, and if they choose not to wear a helmet, that is thier choice. Plus a motorcylce is m... Read More »

Do you wear your seatbelt?

I always wear mine. It doesn't matter what percentage responds to this and says they don't wear them, that doesn't mean it's the smart thing to do.No, I'm not a nervous safety nerd, I have always ... Read More »

How to Get Someone to Wear Their Seatbelt?

So you know someone that doesn't wear their seatbelt or even refuses to use it. Here is how you can get them to wear their seatbelt.

What states is it illegal to not wear a seatbelt?

New Hampshire is the only State that doesn't have a law for ADULTS. All 50 States have a law requiring MINORS to wear a Seatbelt. Now if you want to waste time talking about laws then the best way ... Read More »