Why is it important to respond to a crying baby?

Answer Its good for a baby to cry. It allows an infant to excersise it's lungs. In addition to that it will, over time, as the baby grows older to become more indepenant and more inclined to express its f... Read More »

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How do you make a baby stop crying it's not my baby?

First of all you should try to know the reason... that why is the baby crying! Maybe he is hungry, or is not feeling well, etc.If he is crying without any reason then you can:>give him his toys or ... Read More »

Is crying bad for the baby?

Crying is natural. It usually means that the baby needs/wants something. Food and comfort are the two main reason an infant cries.

Can a baby die from crying?

no, baby won't die from crying.. it is only a sign that he/she needs something. maybe he/she is hungry or sleepy, ... and crying is how baby communicates...

How to Calm a Crying Baby?

Is your baby crying and you just don't know how to calm her down? Here are some suggestions to help you. If you discover some of your own techniques, feel free to build on the ones here and share t... Read More »