Why is it important to recycle computers?

Answer As more computers are made and older ones become obsolete, disposal has become an issue. Proper disposal is important to the environment and often for complying with local waste disposal laws.LawsI... Read More »

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Why is it important to recycle computers correctly?

Outdated electronics, including old computers, are a growing source of waste. Recycling removes toxic materials from the environment while providing valuable and energy-saving scrap material. Recyc... Read More »

Why do we need to recycle computers?

Think twice before you toss that old CRT monitor or junky laptop - electronic waste ending up in landfills not only takes up valuable space, but also releases toxic chemicals into the environment.E... Read More »

Can you recycle computers?

The use of electronics, including computers, has grown greatly since they first came into use. You can recycle computers at certain locations including manufacturers and electronic retailers. You c... Read More »

Why is it important to recycle plastic?

One way for people to go green is by recycling. Plastic is one of the easiest things to recycle because it can be reused in many fashions; it is one of the biggest problems in landfills today.Landf... Read More »