Why is it important to provide opportunities for children to use their senses?

Answer Multisensory learning improves a child's retention of what s/he is being taught.It makes the entire experience fun & interesting, thus increasing motivation & sustaining interest.The attention span... Read More »

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Describe the work following the agencies which provide their support for children and their families?

Should schools provide day care for their students with children?

Answers I wouldn't like to put the onus on the Educational System, but it's a good idea, so all single moms should be willing to organize something and provide the costs for this without involving... Read More »

What Opportunities Does a Bachelor's Degree Provide?

In a world where the cost to attend college is becoming too high for the average American, it can be difficult to determine the value of a Bachelor's degree. However, there are many opportunities p... Read More »

What group was created in 1993 to provide volunteer opportunities within the United States?

AmeriCorps was created in 1993 by the National Community Service Trust Act signed into law by President Bill Clinton. The act created AmeriCorps and combined it with the older volunteer domestic-as... Read More »