Why is it important to obey your parents?

Answer It is VERY important to obey your parents! Even though you think they hate you or are just telling you to do stuff (or not do it) because they want you to, its because they care. They want you to d... Read More »

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How to Obey Your Parents?

It can be very difficult to obey your parents, but they ultimately have authority over you. Learning to obey your parents will cement a positive and a long lasting relationship.

When should children not obey their parents?

When your parents say something for you to follow even though its bad.

How to Discuss Important Issues with Your Parents?

Whether you failed a class or wrecked your car, whether you want to stay at a friend's house for the night, or move in with your other parent, or come out of the closet, there are some simple basic... Read More »

How to Get Your Child to Obey You?

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