Why is it important to listen to children?

Answer To avoid accidents and as a safety precaution to the inevitable

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Why is important to listen to children?

Why is it important to listen children and give them thee full attention when listening to them?

Children are people, too. It's as important to listen attentively to them as it is to anyone else. Why? To demonstrate to them the proper way of listening, to be polite and to gain a better underst... Read More »

How to Talk to Children So They Will Listen?

Talking to your child so they will listen does not have to be a difficult, trying task. The key to most communication is showing by example. If you want your child to clean up their room, make sure... Read More »

Why is art important for children?

Art is essential for small children. It teaches important skills, both physical and social. It inspires imagination, abstract thinking and problem solving. Art offers an avenue for individuality an... Read More »