Why is it important to have retirement plans?

Answer Retirement plans provide income for you after you retire from working. It supplements the money you receive from Social Security. A well-thought out plan can help you maintain your standard of livi... Read More »

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Are state retirement plans considered pension plans?

Retirement plans sponsored by states are considered pension plans. There are two types of pension plans to choose from--a defined benefit plan or a defined contribution plan. The benefit plan tells... Read More »

Why are health care plans important to have?

Health insurance is important for everyone, even people that are young and healthy. Being covered by a health care plan helps safeguard your health and finances, especially in the event of the unex... Read More »

Basics of 401(k) Retirement Plans?

401k retirement plans are investment programs, typically set up by an employer, where pre-tax dollars can be contributed by an employee. In some cases, employers match an employee's contribution e... Read More »

Retirement Plans for Individuals?

Most people dream of the day they can leave the rat race of work and spend their days in the leisure of retirement. However, with fewer workers covered by a company-sponsored retirement plan, the b... Read More »