Why is it important to have pet insurance?

Answer According to the American Pet Products Association, it was estimated that Americans spent at least $12.2 billion on veterinary care in 2009. Pet insurance can help offset most of these costs.Low Co... Read More »

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Why is it important to have auto insurance?

The reasons auto insurance is important are laws require insurance, insurance protects the vehicle from physical damage, insurance secures medical coverage, lost wages and household costs and insur... Read More »

Is travel insurance important to have if you are backpacking in Europe?

Travel insurance is an important thing to have while backpacking in Europe. Such a trip has many inherent dangers, like natural disaster, theft, or delays in travel.

What is the most important kind of insurance to have when running a photography business?

Answer Property Insurance on the pictures and developing equipment. Assuming you are running a mechanical developing place, the negatives are the most important part. Insure the negative storage b... Read More »

In NY if you have health insurance and have colon cancer but want to switch insurance companies for better coverage does the other insurance company have to take you?

Answer I sure would check before I made the switch. You could be getting into that pesky, ''pre exsisting condition'' thing.......Ask the new carrier first before you switch, (I'd get it in writing... Read More »