Why is it important to have p.e. in schools?

Answer For many students, physical education, or P.E., is an important part of a balanced education. P. E. offers students numerous benefits that can be applied to sports and other areas of life.Physical ... Read More »

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Important Art Schools?

According to Oscar Wilde, "Art is our spirited protest, our gallant attempt to teach nature her proper place." Without art, humanity would have no culture to speak of. While artistic skill may come... Read More »

Why is music important in schools?

Music may not initially appear to be a conventional educational subject, such as math or science. However, music is a multidisciplinary topic, touching all areas of education, and is consequently e... Read More »

Why is art important in public schools?

Art is often regarded as not a true educational "skill", like that of math or science. However, art is just as important as these subjects, positively rewarding public school pupils in numerous way... Read More »

Why is drama important in schools?

According to a 2005 Harris Poll, 93 percent of Americans consider the arts to be essential to a well-rounded education. Drama classes not only give students the opportunity to express themselves ar... Read More »