Why is it important to give all children the chance to be heard?

Answer It is important that all children have a right to speak up for what their personal beliefs are. An example of this is of child abuse or sexual harassment. If the children do not speak up then how w... Read More »

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Why it is important to give all children the opportunity to be heard?

Why is it important to listen children and give them thee full attention when listening to them?

Children are people, too. It's as important to listen attentively to them as it is to anyone else. Why? To demonstrate to them the proper way of listening, to be polite and to gain a better underst... Read More »

I've heard that a properly calibrated plasma tv will have a much less of a chance of burn-in. Is this true?

Probably. But the reason is not the calibration per se, it's the fact that most TVs come with brightness and contrast set way too high at the factory. Turning both of these down from the factory de... Read More »

How to Give Someone a Second Chance?

Second chances are known to work magic from time immemorial. It doesn't matter whether it's a parental, personal, or work relationship, everyone deserves a second chance to prove their worth in the... Read More »