Why is it important to build a credit history?

Answer Your credit history shows how you've handled your debts in the past. A variety of people, such as lenders and employers, will use this information to make decisions about you in the future.Function... Read More »

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Why is building a good credit history important?

Your credit history is part of your complete financial picture and is increasingly important to your ability to borrow, get credit and even be considered for a job. Creditors, lenders and employers... Read More »

Do credit cards help to build credit history?

Having a credit card in your name will build your credit history because of the monthly payments you are required to make. Building a good credit history contributes to having a higher credit score... Read More »

How to Build Credit History in the USA?

Primarily used in the past for lending, your credit history is now utilized by employers evaluating job candidates, landlords looking to lease apartments, and even insurance companies deciding whet... Read More »

How do I build credit history in the U.S.?

Obtain a credit card, either secured or unsecured, to help build up your credit history. Even though credit cards are considered bad debt, if they are not maxed out and you continue to make at leas... Read More »