Why is it important that children value each other's identity?

Answer Since childhood is the foundation of your life, the morals and values you learn as a child carry on through your life. If you don't learn how to respect and value other children, then that will mos... Read More »

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Why in general opposite sex siblings interfere in each other's love life and don't like each others boyfriend or girlfriend - What is the psychology behind it?

Because from a Male's point if view (Please note this may just be me) the older brother wants the sis to be alone because he wants to protect her and the Female wants her brother free because she ... Read More »

Verify the identity of each step?

This has nothing to do with Computers & Networking | Security. Please restate your question in an appropriate category, for instance Science & Mathematics.

How many people experience identity theft each year?

Identity theft claims 15 million victims in the United States each year. These losses total over $50 billion, with each victim averaging a loss of about $3,500. Identity theft is among the fastes... Read More »

How many people are victims of identity theft each year?

The number of people that are victims of identity theft each year varies. However, the United States Federal Trade Commission reported 278,078 identity theft complaints in 2009, marking a 5 percent... Read More »