Why is it important that children value each other's identity?

Answer Since childhood is the foundation of your life, the morals and values you learn as a child carry on through your life. If you don't learn how to respect and value other children, then that will mos... Read More »

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Why is art important for children?

Art is essential for small children. It teaches important skills, both physical and social. It inspires imagination, abstract thinking and problem solving. Art offers an avenue for individuality an... Read More »

How important are your children to you?

It's not only safer to strap them in but its the law and it would have made me mad too! Just like those individuals who still drive while talking on their mobiles! Laws are there for a reason not... Read More »

Why is it important to listen to children?

To avoid accidents and as a safety precaution to the inevitable

Why do you think marriage is so important when it comes to children?

Marriage is another label that gets distorted and misused. It should be eliminated. Everything should be referred to by its true definition. Commitment IS a better word. But, its also usually a bli... Read More »