Why is it important for teachers to reflect on their work?

Answer Since the time of Plato the practice of reflection upon one's teaching and learning has been understood to increase knowledge. The old adage is "learn from your mistakes." Teacher reflection is nec... Read More »

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Mirrors in Gardens to reflect light - Does it work?

Using mirrors in a garden will help reflect light into your garden. Just watch where the sun's reflection hits the garden, so that the intensity of the sun's reflection doesn't hit any plants too ... Read More »

Are teachers important in curriculum?

On One Hand: Teachers Are Very Important In CurriculumTeachers are very important in curriculum. There are two types of curriculum: explicit (official) curriculum and implicit curriculum. Implicit ... Read More »

Are teachers important in curriculum evaluation?

On One Hand: Teachers Too Busy to Shape CurriculumMany believe that teachers are simply unprepared to develop a curriculum. Some feel that the day-to-day tasks of teachers keep them too busy to wor... Read More »

Important Contributions Teachers Can Make to Education?

Don't discount the impact that a single teacher can make on the process of education. Educators are integral to the success and continued growth of our standard system of schooling. By working dail... Read More »