Why is it illegal to watch TV on a screen larger then 55 inches?

Answer no, this is not true

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Emerson slide show red screen then green screen then blue screen how can i fix this?

It is in a test/service mode. You need to read the manual, or find a service manual to exit that mode.

What does illegal argument exception receiver not registered mean its come up on my android cell pH b4 and then follows some security info in my data log then pauses everything then a huge data dump?

I was on my computer and suddenly the information on the screen got larger than my screen.. what did I do and ?

Is anything larger then infinity?

Infinity is not a number, and there are no numerical values larger than infinity. But not all infinities are equal. A countable infinite set such as the natural numbers (1, 2, 3, 4...) is not as la... Read More »