Why is it illegal to have sex with my brother its not fair its just so random?

Answer Random? No not random. Wanting to have sex with your close family member is not healthy from a emotional, mental and even physical view if you consider having children. It means something is seriou... Read More »

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I don't have brother It makes me feel very bad At times I wish I could have brother who could fight with me correct me when I do something wrong and make me feel secure pls help?

Can you adopt your brother both your parents are dead you are 26 your brother is 13 He is currently living with you but social services have put him forward for adoption without consulting you.?

Even if social services put him forward for adoption, you should be the first consideration. Even as evil as they can seem sometimes, they do want to keep families together. Adoption is a long proc... Read More »

Is it illegal to download music, or is it just illegal to share downloaded music?

Technically the act of using Limewire/Kazaa/Morpheus or any other P2P file sharing system IS PERFECTLY LEGAL. However, the act of sharing copyrighted music is what the authorities will prosecute fo... Read More »

If you have a brother with mental retardationmay your baby have the same problemwhat should you do?