Why is it healthier to become a vegetarian ?

Answer Personally, I don't think it is healthier to become a vegetarian. Vegetarians usually suffer iron deficiencies and don't get enough omega 3 fatty acids from fish. A vegetarian is when you just don'... Read More »

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How can I be a healthier vegetarian?

Look out for all of those fatty and sweet sauces and dressings that you have with them and make them healthier.Dune

Pescetarian or Vegetarian Which one is healthier?

Studies have shown that eating a largely plant-based diet with little processed food and eating *some* meat makes you live longer than someone eating exclusively plant based foods.So pescatarian wo... Read More »

Why are vegetarian diets healthier?

People who eat a vegetarian diet tend to weight less than those who eat meat and are at lower risk for getting certain chronic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure.RecommendationsThe C... Read More »

Is it healthier to be a vegan or vegetarian?

vegan. animal products are unnecessary and after being vegan for over a year now, even the smell of milk makes me feel sick. my blood tests show very healthy results and i feel great :)