Why is it hard for me to swallow pills, even if they aren't very big?

Answer It could be what others are calling tongue thrust, which is part of the problem I had where I "swallowed backwards".Normally, when you swallow food, your tongue should move in a wave across the roo... Read More »

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I can't swallow pills?

I used to have problems swallowing pills - even with water, as i'd just swallow the water and have the pill sticking in my throat.My mum heard someone on the radio saying that she pressed her finge... Read More »

Can you swallow pills?

I can't swallow them either, which is a nuisance given that I have to take 4 a day. I find I take just the right amount of water, swish it round so that I can't feel the tablet any more, and swall... Read More »

Help!! I can't swallow pills and I'm 16!!!?

The idea here is to toss a pill into your mouth, and then take a gulp of water, hoping that your throat won't close up while you are swallowing the water.Yeah. I don't get it right every time and ... Read More »

I can't swallow pills. Any solutions?

First I put the water in my mouth and then I kinda tilt back my head and drop the pill in and swallow.I used to be the same way and my family would get so annoyed because they thought I was scared ... Read More »