Why is it hard for babies to play?

Answer Because babys are little, and its hard to catch a football when you are smaller than a football.

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When you see pretty people & babies in avatars, do you have a hard time believing it's really her & her baby?

Not usually unless the person gives me reason to suspect they are a fake, and even then the fakes are usually easy to spot.

How to Play with Babies?

There is not much I can say in the into, so just read on!

Why do people play with babies so much?

people play with the babies a lot so the babies can learn new things as well as their parents being happy to understand that their learning

Does anyone else play with their babies after every feeding?

The point of playing after a feed instead of letting them sleep if they fall asleep at the breast is to get them so they aren't dependent on food/nursing to sleep. Also, if there is a routine (eat... Read More »