Why is it good to learn another language?

Answer Learning another language has several advantages. When you travel to another country you are able to communicate with the residents. Also, certain career opportunities are available to those who sp... Read More »

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What's a Good first Programming Language to learn?

BASIC is a pretty good language to cut your teeth on.

Good first programming language to learn?

Matthew, Matthew, Matthew...the essentials of programming logic do not change from language to language. If you dislike it SO much then you better bow out now. Trust me, you don't want to turn arou... Read More »

How to Learn a Good English Language for Free?

Learning good English does not have to be expensive if you are self-motivated and determined. If you have a computer at home or if you live close to a public library, you can study for free on the... Read More »

Is Visual Basic a good language to learn?

Depends on what you want to do, and your skill level. VB is an easy language to learn, and can be used to automate spreadsheet tasks and other things in Microsoft Office applications. But if you ... Read More »