Why is it everytime i post a question of which camera to buy people tell me to buy a camcorder instead?

Answer Camcorders have been around for 30 years and their functions have been highly refined to maximize performance. digital cameras added video as an after thought about 4 years ago. Camcorders can auto... Read More »

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Serious People Only: do you know of an affordable "commercial quality" camera/camcorder?

The Sony Bloggie HD Touch goes up to 1080p HD with auto-focus lens and takes 12 megapixel pictures

Calling all camera and camcorder gurus: Best Night vision camcorder for my situation?

You don't want a camcorder.The better investment will be a security/surveillance camera system.Start with a budget.For about $500 or less there are consumer-grade multi-camera/digital video recorde... Read More »

Don't you hate it when people post things like "you will die in 7 days if you don't post this 3 times"?

Yes, I know. I hate it, I think its complete rubbish. I haven't posted one of those and I'm still alive!!!

How come everytime I type out an answer to a question and click on "submit"...?

someone is looking out for you and trying to persuade you to go play outside. if i found out today i was pregnant with triplets the truth is i'd be secretly psyched (for the ten minutes or so that... Read More »