Why is it every time i try to use my HP scanner it has to install it?

Answer The reason is because you did not complete the initial install.Remove the USB cable from the scanner and power on the scanner. Begin to re-install the driver.Re-connect the USB to the scanner ONLY ... Read More »

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Why does my HP scanning software fail to install every time?

Before starting the application software, power the HP on but do not connect the USB cable just yet.Begin the installation and the software will tell you when to re-connect the USB to the computer.... Read More »

I face error every time when i install winxp2006?

its usually cd problemduplicate the cd using different blank mediatry installing the duplicate

Hard drive question Every time I try to install windows or ubuntu I get errors.?

Download Seatools for dos. Run the long scan. It may be able to repair your drives.

I’m tired of seeing every search I made every time I open my browser. How can I remove this search history?

I have referenced a link to an article that gives detailed instructions on how to do this.