How Is the Earth Closer to the Sun During Winter?

Answer Winter's cold makes it feel as if the sun is farther away than ever, but actually the sun is closest to the Earth during winter in the Northern Hemisphere. This means the seasons are impacted to a ... Read More »

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Which Two Planets Are Closer to the Sun Than the Earth?

The solar system contains eight planets. In order, from closest to farthest from the Sun, they are: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Mercury is, on average, about 3... Read More »

Why is it colder at the coast?

Yes, unfortunately after Tupac and Eazy-e died. Hopefully it can come back but it hasn't. There really isn't a lot of active well known west coast rappers now except for The Game(I think he actuall... Read More »

Is it colder at the top or bottom of the freezer?

Bottom. This way it is right against the cold. As well, heat rises. If you able though, put it in the middle between two bags of ice to keep the item at the coldest possible temperture.

Why is it that, the colder the X-ray table?

For the same reason that when you have to "cough" the person touching you has wrinkly prune hands...