Why is it cheaper to buy a new printer rather than replace the ink cartridges?

Answer Because this is how certain printer manufacturers make money off of you. They sell the printer cheap, knowing that when you run out of ink, you will have to buy thier ink to replace it at a higher ... Read More »

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Why are lexmark printer cartridges so expensive Is there a brand of printer that is cheaper?

i have a canon pixma 1500 and it is very good , especially photos printing and its not expensive, i get ink cartridges for it from cartridge monkey on the internet and last time i think i paid les... Read More »

Is it ok to use cheaper ink cartridges in my Epson printer?

Of course. Just make sure they're compatible with your originals.

Is there anywhere to get Epson printer ink cartridges for cheaper than they are sold on the Epson website?

The prices on this web-store are amazing. See the link below:…Compare the prices. Also, this website has many variations of inks. You can refill your Epso... Read More »

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